If you choose to have any corners rounded, you will need to select which corners you want rounded and the radius size:

  • Add $.35 per corner selected to be rounded
  • Rounded corners are a fabrication option that takes the sharp point off the 90° corner.
  • We have eleven different sizes to choose from, with 1/8” radius being minimal visually, but enough to remove any sharp corner.
  • Hemmed pieces can also have rounded corners, which prevents the sharp corner made by two bends ending on the same point.
  • Great option if the material will be handled frequently.
The images below show each radius size.
In the examples below, the only corner rounded is the upper right.
A standard quarter has been placed on the example to give an idea of the amount of 'rounding' per radius size.
1/8" Radius 3/16" Radius 1/4" Radius 5/16" Radius

3/8" Radius 7/16" Radius 1/2" Radius 5/8" Radius

3/4" Radius 7/8" Radius 1" Radius